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Welcome to our Tverka.com webpage.



We the Khmer Website. This website had created in 20-12-2011. We created this website for Khmer people who are need to find the Job or Company, Organization they find the Resume for their work by on internet. 

- Our services is free full for Job seeker can post and submit their Resume.

- Our services is free full for Employer Post Jobs as more as they want.

- Why have WWW.TVERKA.COM site here?

+ We are Khmer website, help all Khmer and free full all services, for Employer Job Post and free for Job seeker Resume (CV)too.

** Start to Post free from our website Tverka.com today. 

-  How to Post your Job or Post Resume (CV)?

 + Please go to register as our member type:

     - Register as Employer:  are free full for Post their JOB.

     - Register as Job Seeker: are free full for Post their Resume (CV).

** Why you post your Resume (CV) with us?

If you are post your Resume (CV) here, you will have chance and luck for any company direct check and select you for interviews with out you apply to their Company.

** How to post Jobs here?

Please register with our site, we are free services, this link Register as Employer:

** Why you need to created the Register as Employer: for post job, company or oganization can submit job by email?

Yes you submit your job by email, but if you have account:

         - You can posts unlimited jobs, views, edit and re-new job, clone those job, have email motify stasistic your jobs views too.

          - that is good for you to views CVs, downlaod CVs, and short more full option.

** Any problem please feel free contact with this Hot Line Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




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