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Telephone: 093998646
Address: Phnom Penh
Location: Phnom Penh

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 Name: Din SokChan

Sex: Male

Nationality:  Khmer

Born 11 March 1994.

Place of birth Veal village, Rokarporbram  Commune, Tbong Khmom District.


• 2001-2007 study in Channimith Primary School

• 2007-2010 study at Hun Sen Trapairussey Secondary School

• 2010-2013 Hun Sen Trapaingrussey High School

• Current studies at the University of Asia Europe Foundation Degree colleges, tourism, hotel management and tourism.


•Father Name: Den Thy

Nationality: Khmer

Birth Year: 1969

• Mothers name: KreyTheary

Nationality: Khmer

Birth Year 1970

The address: village Veal, Rokarporbram Commune , Tbonh Khmom District.

• There are one sisters, two brothers was number 2

Created date: 2014-06-24
Uploaded cv: thumbnailChan.docx
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