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Job seeker: David Gene Ragan
Title of position: Real Estate Investor
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Telephone: 080227849
Location: Phnom Penh
Education: Associates Degree

3125 S. Mendenhall #242
Memphis, TN 38115

1987 American River College:
Business Degree – Highest Honors
1990 Great Western Real Estate School: Passed the California Real Estate Exam
1991 George Davis School of Appraisal: Certified by the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers. Passed the Oregon Real Estate Exam

                                                                   REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE
Real Estate Skills: Sold thousands of acres along with hundreds of properties to satisfied customers for over 20 years. Have held Real Estate licenses in California, Oregon, and Tennessee.
Memberships Held: Tennessee Association of Realtors, Oregon Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, Tennessee Forestry Association, National Association of Realtors, and National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (Certified by the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers; CREA). Mortgage Loan Originator Licenses in Tennessee and Florida (NMLS #962033)
Third generation Real Estate professional with vast experience in property sales, purchasing, developing, managing, and marketing. Also experienced as a timber broker with Mid-State Timber Brokers and Readyvest Timber Brokers. Have made many Investments in Standing Timber since 1996.

Present Sole Proprietor/ Investor
2009 - 2011 Ready Vest LLC; ( )
2006 - 2009 U Vest, LLC; (
2003 - 2006 Scenic Exchange, LLC (
2001-2002 Landstandard, LLC (
1996 - 2000 Landgoal, LLC (
1992 – 1994 Perfect Properties, Inc

Owner/Investor Duties: Purchasing tax sale, foreclosure sale, and direct public property purchases for market resale. Developed and managed all business applications for land investment and related sales. Inspecting and documenting property features including measuring and locating property boundaries; photographing properties and related areas of interest; reviewing county title records including previous deeds and liens. Developing and originating contracts, deeds, and maps. Pioneered locating remote properties using GPS technologies with specialized programs for Internet related sales. Assembling data for marketing in digital and hard copy format. Utilization of various computer programs and technologies for all levels of land business applications. Tracking all sales, acquisitions, and buyer payments. Responsible for all bookkeeping, year-end statements, and associated taxing strategies. Reviewed and preformed all closings and deed recordings in various counties and states.
1992 Demark Mortgage, (Account Executive) Developed new marketing techniques. Utilized computer information systems and targeted borrower groups. Generated complex computer analysis for a wide variety of loans such as Jumbos, Conventional, FHA/VA and Construction. Served as a direct link between secondary lending institution and primary mortgage market clients. Analyzed client’s financial status to determine which loans best meet their financial portfolio. Review appraisals for lending requirement conformance.
1990 – 1992 Realty Executives & Oregon First, (Sales Associate)
Apply computer networks to identify the market. Generate forms/fliers and streamline sales tactics for volume exposure. Prepare Buyer and Seller net sheets. Educate the client regarding escrow procedures and impound accounts. Analyze the client’s credit and qualifying information to assist in selecting FHA, VA or Conventional loan programs. Instruct clients in valuation practices and policies.


1992 Blount Inc. Injection Metal Molding Products, Wilsonville, OR: (Development Technician) Producing computer controlled optical inspection programs and procedures with Smart Scope technology. Initiating gage studies to identify inspection error and measurement inconsistencies. Statistical charting of data to regulate production processes, gage capability and inspection techniques. Compose written inspection and test procedures including drafts of diagrams, photos and basic  inspection tool design. Developed a written procedure for Carbon Analysis examination. Perform tooling, first article and sample inspections in accordance with ANSI Y 14.5 and General Dimensional Tolerance requirements. Accountable for inspection technique studies and written procedures. Application of  Macintosh and IBM computer programs for Word Processing and documentation control. Train entry-level technicians with usage of all measuring devices, technical examination of Carbon Analysis, construction of metallurgical mounts and application of statistical methods.

1988-1991 Aerojet Propulsion, Rancho Cordova, CA: (Experimental Inspector/Security Clearance) Analysis/corrective action for improper tooling/machine setups. Provide aid to machinists/assembly technicians for accurate interpretation of planning and specifications/blue prints. Perform complex dimensional inspections in accordance with ANSI Y 14.5  at all manufacturing/assembly levels. Generate computer controlled coordinate measuring machine inspections. Perform hardness tests. Certified helium mass spectrometer leak detections, penetrant inspections and CMM operations. Tooling (First article), sample inspections. Proficient using all measuring devices. Generate nonconformance reports. Perform receiving inspection/verification of procurement requirements. Precision assembly inspections while providing documentation control of all assembly processes. Audit stores for material tractability/quality conformance. Communicate/monitor all quality assurance practices affiliated with liquid/solid rocket motor fabrication and assembly.
1983-1988 American Polytherm Co., Lincoln, CA: (Quality Control Inspector) Communicate control requirements between production, engineering and purchasing departments; handle deposition of all nonconforming parts and materials; provide corrective action for contractor and/or vendor discrepancies. Perform a variety of destructive/nondestructive tests which include compressive strength, tensile modules, acetone extraction, specific gravity, resin content and viscosity. Utilization of computer information systems and text editing. Diverse background in geometric tolerancing, i.e., true position and all related features that pertain to ANSI Y 14.5. Perform calibration on all inspection/product gauges. Perform all inspections/maintain records related to tooling, first article, sampling, shipping and receiving. Responsible for interpretation/verification of all contracts, blue prints, specification. Prepare source presentations for customer audits.
1980-1983 American Polytherm Co. (Plastic Technician) Hand lay-ups with resin and glass cloth; practical application of filament winding equipment; machining of parts with final cosmetic applications; usage of various composites, resins, foams, rubbers, impregnated and dry cloths and roving; diverse usage of compression, injection and vacuum molding equipment.

Created date: 2015-02-25
Uploaded cv: thumbnailDavidRaganResume2014.docx
Published: Yes
Approved: Yes
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