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Job seeker: Boris
Title of position: Logisitcs
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Telephone: 060-743-341
Address: Sihanoukville
Location: Sihanouk Ville
Education: Bachelors Degree
OBJECTIVE Now I'm looking for any position.

I have big experience in many industries, experince in trade companies from FMCG to Commercial transport. Also I worked in logistic company on several positions, including customs exellence group, tracing and security.


     Date of Birth: 11 March 1987 (29 y.o.) 

     Marital Status: Married 


1993-2004: Alternative school (Center of education) with many additional disciplines, such EN and DE, programming (IT), etc. 

2004-1993: Moscow State University of food industry, biotechnological fakultete. 


September 2015–May 2016: General Manager, "Chesn, Luk i Chesn" Ltd, Burgas, Bulgaria 

> Organizing new company for trading FMCG in street retail.

> Procurement jobs. 

> Assistanse for getting all needed certificate for this relationship.

> Organizing logistics and distribution.

> Liaising with other involved persons and companies. 

May 2007–August 2015 Specialist in desk of problem shipments in network, Tracing advisor, DHL Express, Russian Federation 

> Cheking and looking for correct ways to put shipments in network.

> Working with customers.

>Working with "Undel" shipments, including shipments with prohibited goods.

>Working with Customs  and other goverment Authorities.

>Searching for lost and delayed shipments.

>Working with all departments in all countries, if neccesary.

Sept 2005–April 2007 Sales Representative, Moscow, Russian Federation

> Trading of commercial transport (buses, vans and trucks).

>Searching for new customers. 
>Client database maintenance.


Languages: English – Advanced Level 
Bulgarian – Advanced Level 

Computer skills: Experienced with MS Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, many analytic programs. 
Driving Licence: Driving Licence Category B 

Qualified and highly-professional; highly-motivated; enthusiastic; good communication skills; eager to experience and learn new skills. 

Created date: 2016-09-02
Uploaded cv: thumbnailCV Vaneev Boris 11031987.pdf
Published: Yes
Approved: Yes
ID: 255

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